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    Can you skim coat concrete floors?

    Absolutely! Applying skim coat on concrete floors is important because it helps a lot in hiding flaws and strengthening the floor for it to last longer. If you wish to add some stenciled patterns, or some designed tiles to make your floor look gorgeous, then skim coating concrete floors can act as a primer coat for the tiles and other floor-designing materials you want to have as a finish. 

    It also helps you in avoiding a massive burn in your pocket, instead of demolishing old concrete to eliminate its rusty and inefficiency issues after many years of wear and tear!

    It is very easy! First of all, the materials for skim coating floors are readily available at hardware stores. You just have to make sure that you buy the skim coat with excellent quality. Skim coating concrete floors can be done in thin layers (merely 0.02 inches) and can be applied several times to create a well-textured trowel finish. 

    Preparing the concrete surface properly and applying the skim coat overlay at the right thickness is the key to make it successful. This process can be usually done in forty-eight hours (can be with skim coat flooring contractor and ample ventilation) and this is possible both indoors and outdoors.

    What is a skim coat?

    man holding skim coat for flooring

    A skim coat is a thin coat where a joint compound is applied by a paint roller and is smoothened by a trowel. It’s an easy and affordable process to create smooth and even surfaces on house parts, repair the cracks and holes and increase its durability as it can get beaten in the long run. It also prepares the surface for design, paint, and decoration. 

    Skim coating floors and other house parts is a great and cheap way to restore its new look without demolishing it and spending more time and money on installing a new one.

    Skim coats are usually bought by sacks, and can be found at hardware and construction stores. You can ask assistance from the skim coat flooring contractors to know which skim coat type is the most effective one to use, depending on what your surface is made of.

     It’s important to consider the skim coat’s quality as it will affect its outcome when applied to surfaces and covered with colors and other decorating materials if the purpose is to redesign it. Choosing the ones with less quality means you have to spend more money in the future just to reapply the skim coat.

    How do you skim coat a subfloor?

    Skim coating the subfloor helps in eliminating depressions that will make the entire flooring wavy and uneven. If not done properly, it will be difficult to install new floor coverings on the top. Here’s how easy it is to make the process successful.

    First, always remember to vacuum the entire subfloor to eliminate all traces of dirt and dust, which can disrupt the adhesion of the skim coat. After that, you need to mix the skim coat with a paddle to create a mixture that is suitable enough for application. 

    The recommended method of mixing the mud is to add 6.5 quarts of water to a 55-pound bag of thin finish, approximately. Next is to dampen the subfloor surface with a sponge and have another person apply the mixture immediately. Remember to pour small portions of the mixture at a time so that it is easy to spread on the subfloor using a squeegee. 

    The movement should be back and forth and should be done smoothly. Use a paintbrush in areas where the squeegee can’t reach, such as the corners. The finish is quick and self-drying, so you don’t have to worry about using fans. Repeat the same set of procedures when applying the second layer.

    In achieving all of these, it is best to have the skim coat flooring contractors do these procedures to ensure accuracy and satisfactory outcome.

    Can you skim coat over old concrete?

    The skim coat flooring contractors recommend applying a skim coat over old concrete, especially if the concrete flooring has been beaten over time. Applying a joint compound on the concrete flooring strengthens it and makes it last longer. 

    It also makes the skim coat flooring look new again and is ready for the installment of floor coverings, such as skim coat floor vinyl. The skim coating contractors can help you in choosing the right tools and materials and can also speed the process, making the surface smooth and even one.

    The skim coat floor prep for the old concrete surface should be done in the following procedures.

    man putting cement on the flooring lancaster pa

    When cleaning the old concrete surface, it is recommended that you dampen a cloth or use a power washer (if you are in a hurry) to remove any dust and dirt that can affect the skim coat flooring upon applying the joint compound. 

    Apply epoxy primer on the concrete surface to strengthen the bond between the skim coat and the subfloor. Let it dry naturally, then apply two layers of joint compound. Use a trowel to spread the joint compound evenly and let it dry for 24 to 48 hours. Once done, then you may now install floor coverings on your skim coat floor.

    Can you pour concrete over an existing slab? 200 words

    According to skim coat flooring contractors, pouring concrete over an existing slab is possible. But in doing so, you need to ensure that the existing slab passes certain standards to support this new layer of concrete. If it is in a structurally-sound shape and has its height elevated to a few inches, then pouring a new layer of concrete can be done to freshen its look. 

    You need to prepare the existing slab by dampening a cloth or using a power washer in removing the chippings, dirt, and dust. Maintain the wetness of the slab’s surface while installing braces to avoid spillage while pouring the new concrete over the old one, as recommended by the skim coat flooring contractors.

    Remember to look at cracks and cover them using a thin layer of sand or styrofoam. Adding a priming coat which consists of special bonding agents that will grip both the old and the new layer of concrete and making it firm and sturdy for a longer period. Not following these procedures will result in poor outcomes and a waste of money. The skim coat flooring contractors can help you in providing a reliable and quality concrete mix.

    Should I prime before skim coating?

    contractor skim coating the floor in lancaster pa

    You definitely should! Priming is an important part of the preparation process before skim coating floors to make the outcome nice and smooth, and this can be done best by skim coat flooring contractors. 

    This applies especially to floors that have been beaten over time. Primers contain a sizing agent called polyvinyl acetate to seal porous areas and cracks to avoid further damage, and it also provides better adhesion for the skim coat itself.

    Skim coat flooring contractors recommend using an epoxy primer for floorings because aside from the effects mentioned above, epoxy primers can eliminate air bubbles that are formed from concrete outgassing. 

    It can also tolerate moisture and can still work well while the concrete is not fully dried. Epoxy primers can also block oil that can’t be cleaned during the preparation process. It also achieves dry film thickness and coating uniformity as it doesn’t soak into the concrete.

    Before priming, clean the surface to get rid of loose material, dirt, and dust for the primer application to be effective. Afterward, use a paint roller to prime the old flooring. Make sure not to prime only a specific spot, but the entire surface so that the skim coat won’t have an uneven result. Let the applied primer dry before proceeding to the next step.

    Is skim coating difficult?

    No, skim coating isn’t difficult. Skim coating floors is considered as the easiest and cheapest way to fix its cracks and holes, instead of demolishing it and building a new one. With proper preparation of the surface intended to be coated, skim coating floors can be done efficiently and effectively. The materials and tools can be accessed in hardware and construction stores within your residence area and you can seek assistance from the skim coat flooring contractors in finding the right ones.

    It is recommended that the procedures should be strictly followed as it affects the outcome. No one wants to have bumpy flooring, right? The measurements of the materials are easy to remember, and the key to quality skim coating floors is doing it with a smooth back and forth movement. Skim coating floors in two layers is the most effective way to strengthen the flooring, smoothing textured areas, and possibly prepare it for design.

    Dampening the flooring, applying the primer, and topping it off with a skim coat can be quite tiresome, and the period of each procedure shouldn’t be disrupted to avoid the worst scenario. To speed the process and save time, it is best to have this work done by the skim coat flooring contractors.

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    Your skim coat flooring service needs should only be done professionally and properly. We deliver excellent results for every skim coat flooring service. We install and repair any skim coat flooring.

    What is the purpose of a skim coat?

    A skim coat is a muddy compound, and applying a skim coat is a technique that smoothens the flooring surfaces and repairs the flooring surface’s damaged areas, like cracks and holes. It also prepares the flooring for design and makes the surface more sturdy, which helps it last longer over time.

    Skim coating floors save a lot of homeowners’ money as it doesn’t require much, compared to demolishing old floorings and building a new one which puts time and materials to waste. With the correct choice of materials and tools, practice, and patience, skim coating floors can be possibly done by common people. But if you want to save time and energy, it is best to call skim coat flooring contractors to get the job done.

    Despite lesser costs compared to other procedures, skim coating floors can still be critical to do as one wrong move may result in uneven and bumpy surfaces which will eventually end with the homeowner spending more time and money in materials and effort to make it right. 

    First, the flooring surface must be clean and well-primed before skim coating it. Next, proper movements must be done to evenly spread the skim coat on the surface with a squeegee or trowel. The movement must be a smooth, back-and-forth sequence. Two layers of the skim coat are effective and efficient enough to achieve the goal.

    Can I apply skim coat over paint?

    The skim coat flooring contractors say that it is possible to apply a skim coat over the paint. But you have to check the surface’s condition first, like, if the paint is still fresh or is in a bad condition.

    The process of applying a skim coat over paint is very easy. The skim coat flooring contractors recommend that you have to thoroughly clean the painted surface. First, you have to remove all the peeling paint on the surface intended for coating, then use medium-grit sandpaper if the paint is glossy or has a semi-gloss finish. Remember that a skim coat needs a rough surface where it can adhere to. After sanding, dampen the surface with a rag to remove sand, dirt, and dust. Let it dry afterward.

    Once you’re done with the preparation, you may now apply a skim coat using an 8- to 10- inch knife to make it even. Use a smaller knife to smoothen the imperfections. Let the first layer dry afterward. Sand it before applying the second layer and just simply repeat the steps mentioned to achieve a smooth and even finish. After that, let it dry overnight, sand it if necessary, and you can finally paint or design it as desired.

    If you wish for a better outcome, you can contact the skim coat flooring contractors near you to make everything stress-free.

    Do you have to sand after skim coat?

    You can sand the surface after applying the skim coat, but this solution doesn’t apply in all cases. In some cases, where big lumps and scratches are visible, it only requires re-applying small batches of the compound to smoothen the affected areas.

    When you notice some small lumps after letting the second layer dry overnight, make sure to encircle it all to highlight the areas you need to retouch. You can simply mix a small batch of the compound and use a taping knife to immediately scrape it on the lump at a sharp angle. Work it in multiple directions, otherwise, there will be a tendency that you will create gaps or air bubbles, which makes the process pretty much useless since it will still be uneven. Wait for about thirty minutes for the patched areas to dry before sanding. 

    You may use drywall sanders, sanding discs, or small sanding pads, but the skim coat flooring contractors recommend using drywall sanders or sanding papers that have 180 grit or higher. Otherwise, using sanding papers with lower grit might result in leaving large scratches on the skim-coated surface.

    The process of sanding is pretty quick. Just simply feather the patched areas carefully and you’re done. But then again, it is highly recommended that you seek assistance from the skim coat flooring contractors to ensure a smooth outcome.

    Is skimming cheaper than plastering?

    Firstly, the difference between plastering and skimming is that plastering is a broader term offered on a whole trade. This includes using cement plaster, lime plaster, and gypsum plaster. Plastering often requires professionals to be done and the type of plaster depends on what material is intended for plastering. 

    Meanwhile, skimming is a subset of plastering where a thin layer of coat is applied on a plastered wall to smoothen its surface and to prepare it for design and/or paint. This can be done by the homeowner oneself to save costs.

    Now that we know the difference between the two, we can determine which one is cheaper. By looking at their definitions, plastering is more time-consuming than skimming. It also requires more labor, especially if cement plaster is going to be used. 

    The average costs for plastering range from $200 to a maximum of $1,200, depending on the material, urgency, and the size of the surface that needs to be worked on. The cost for skimming jobs ranges from $200 to $600 per 100 square feet, but then again, it varies on the size of the area, the labor, and the finish that you wish to have for the surface.

    What is the best joint compound for skim coating?

    Any type of joint compound can be used for skim coating flooring. All-purpose compounds are the most commonly used when it comes to all phases of finishing, texturing, and skim coating. It may be lightweight, but it also has a slower drying time. 

    The skim coat flooring contractors recommend that you analyze your purpose for having your flooring skim-coated because it will affect the outcome and the time it will take for the procedures to be done.

    For the first phase of skim coating floors, using a taping compound would be best to seal some cracks as it offers stronger resistance because it dries harder. If you wish to have your flooring strengthen its bond with the coating, then the topping compound would be the best mud mixture for the final coating. 

    It is also the best compound to use for pre-designing procedures. For rush jobs and places with high humidity levels, quick-setting compounds can be used. 

    But then again, always remember to ask the skim coat flooring contractors when choosing the best and accurate joint compound for skim coating, and knowing when and how they are supposed to be used. No one wants their skim coat flooring to be uneven as its final result, or last shorter than expected.

    How long after skim coat can I paint?

    According to the skim coat flooring contractors, the typical waiting time before you can paint after skim coating floors is a minimum of 24 hours. If you have used a topping compound on your last layer, then it would take you a day or two before you can prime and paint. 

    If you are living in a place with a high humidity level or a low-temperature level, then the skim coat flooring contractors would advise you to wait more than 48 hours. 

    The skim coat flooring contractors say that you can also have your window open so that air circulation will be present and the area’s humidity will be regulated enough for the skim coated surface to dry naturally without any problem.

     Consider using a fan, just in case that you are in a hurry. Maintain a temperature of an average of 75 degrees Fahrenheit and a 40% humidity level for this to be done.

    Once the skim coat flooring is dry, you may start sanding it as a clean-up procedure to ensure that there are no lumps before applying the primer for you to paint. Check that the flooring surface is smooth enough before proceeding to the next steps.

    contractor skim coating the flooring

    How do you smooth a subfloor?

    Always remember that a subfloor should be flat and leveled to have a smooth finish. The skim coat flooring contractors recommend that you get professional assistance, especially if the whole perimeter slopes to the side or middle. 

    Determine the subfloor’s material before doing anything else. If it is a subfloor made of plywood, then you have to make sure that the joists are not the problem. You can sand the uneven areas or install shims beneath the subfloor to level it. If it is made of concrete, you can simply use a grinder or a patching compound to smoothen the bumps, but if it’s the entire subfloor that is uneven, apply a self-leveling concrete compound to fix the problem.

    Now, what if it is an old house and the subfloor is made of solid wood? You have to measure the difference between the high and low points of the subfloor. If it has high differences, then you have no choice but to seek professional assistance to rip off the old subfloor and install a new one.

    The skim coat flooring contractors offer these services as well to ensure that your subfloor is ready before priming it and apply joint compounds. They are the best ones to do these jobs so that the outcome will have a smooth and even finish.

    How to remove an old skim coat layer?

    Always check the layers you applied to assure their durability, including the skim coat flooring. It could be that the surface has been worn out and needs changing. Spraying the old skim coat layer with water at least two to three times is a good way to start cleaning the surface. 

    After that, you need to wait for up to 30 minutes before testing the skim coat with your finger to see if the water softened the skim coat. Using a taping knife, carefully scrape off the softened skim coat. Before doing this procedure, remember to consider the size of the area where you need to remove the skim coat layer as this procedure may take a long time to finish.

    The process of removing the skim coat layers can also be done using some equipment, such as power washers that can soften the skim coat with water and pressure. However, you might end up damaging the surface if the pressure is too strong and it touches the subfloor that’s why you need to call the skim coat flooring contractors to help you in cleaning large-scale skim coat layers to avoid demolishing the subfloor by accident. Remember, it is costly to install a new subfloor, hence it is best to leave this job to the skim coat flooring contractors.


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